Sexual reproduction in flowering plants Mcqs Neet 2021 to 2022

previous questions and answers of Neet are provided here for the preparation of Neet Examination

 Sexual reproduction in flowering plants

* double fertilization

1. Total number of meiotic divisions required for forming 100 zygotes/100 grains of wheat is

(A) 100
(B) 75
(C) 125
(D) 50

2. Syngamy means

(A) fusion of gametes
(B) fusion of cytoplasms
(C) fusion of two similar spores
(D) fusion of two dissimilar spores

3. Double fertilization is a fusion of

(A) two eggs
(B) two eggs and polar nuclei with pollen nuclei
(C) one male gamete with egg and other with synergid 
(D) one male gamete with egg and other with secondary nucleus

4. Double fertilization is characteristic of

(A) angiosperms
(B) anatropous
(C) gymnosperms
(D) bryophytes

5. The role of double fertilization in angiosperms is to produce

(A) cotyledons
(B) endocarp
(C) endosperm
(D) integuments

6. The endosperm of a gymnosperm is

(A) diploid
(B) polyploid
(C) triploid
(D) haploid

7. Endosperm is formed during double fertilization by

(A) two polar nuclei and one male gamete
(B)one polar nuclei and one male gamete 
(C) ovum and male gamete
(D) two polar nuclei and two male gametes

8. Which of the following is without exception in angiosperms?

(A) presence of vessels
(B) double fertilization
(C) secondary growth
(D) autotrophic nutrition

9. When a diploid female plant is crossed with a tetraploid male, the ploidy of endosperms cellsin the resulting seed is

(A) tetraploidy
(B) pentaploid
(C) diploidy
(D) triploidy

10. Double fertilization is exhibited by

(A) gymnosperms
(B) algae
(C) fungi
(D) angiosperms

11. Double fertilization is

(A) fusion of two male gametes with one egg
(B) fusion of one male gamete with two polar nuclei
(C) fusion of two male gametes of a pollen tube with two different eggs
(D) syngamy and triple fusion

12. What is the fate of the male gametes discharged in the synergid?

(A)One fuses with the egg, other(s) fuse(s)
with synergid nucleus.
(B) One fuses with the egg and other fuses
with central cell nuclei
(C) One fuses with the egg, other(s)
degenerate(s) in the synergid.
(D) All fuse with the egg.

13. Which of the following is INCORRECT for wind-pollinated plants?

(A) Many ovules in each ovary.
(B) Flowers are small and not brightly coloured.
(C) Pollen grains are light and non-sticky. 
(D) Well exposed stamens and stigma.


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