NEET UG 2021: Things you can carry in the examination Center.

Here is the list of thing you are not allowed to carry while going to attempt Neet exam in examination Center.

Candidates are NOT allowed to carry any Instruments, Geometry or Pencil box, Handbag, Purse, any kind of Paper/ Stationery/ Textual material

(printed or written material), Eatables and Water (loose or packed), Mobile Phone/ Earphone/ Microphone/ Pager, Calculator, DocuPen, Slide

Rules, Log Tables, Camera, Tape Recorder, Electronic Watches with facilities of calculators, any metallic item or electronic gadgets/ devices in the Examination Hall/Room.

Diabetic students are allowed to carry eatables like sugar tablets/fruits (like banana/apple/ orange) and transparent water bottles to the

Examination Hall. However, they will not be allowed to carry packed foods like chocolates/candy/sandwiches, etc. 

Barred Items

1. The candidates will be subjected to extensive and compulsory frisking before entering
the Examination Centre with the help of highly sensitive metal detectors. The
candidates are not allowed to carry the following items inside the Examination Centre
under any circumstances.
a) Any item like textual material (printed or written), bits of papers,
Geometry/Pencil Box, Plastic Pouch, Calculator, Pen, Scale, Writing Pad, Pen
Drives, Eraser, Calculator, Log Table, Electronic Pen/Scanner, etc.
b) Any communication device like Mobile Phone, Bluetooth, Earphones,
Microphone, Pager, Health Band, etc.
c) Other items like Wallet, Goggles, Handbags, Belt, Cap, etc.
d) Any Watch/Wristwatch, Bracelet, Camera, etc.
e) Any ornaments/metallic items.
f) Any food items opened or packed, water bottle, etc.
g) Any other item which could be used for unfair means, by hiding communication
devices like a microchip, camera, Bluetooth device, etc.
[Note: Any applicable order of Hon’ble Supreme Court/High Courts will be followed in this