Magnetic Materials Physics Mcqs Mhtcet 2022 Examination

Get Multiple Choice Question of Magnetic Materials Physics 12th for Mhtcet 2021 Examination.

Multiple Choice Question of Magnetic Materials 12th Physics for Mhtcet examination 2022.The pdf given below includes only multiple choice questions based on given syllabus for Mhtcet 2021 examination. These mcqs are collected from past year papers of Mhtcet, Neet, Jee and other entrance exam. 

Magnetic Material Subtopics

1. Torque Acting on a Magnetic Dipole in a Uniform Magnetic Field 
2. Origin of Magnetism in Materials
3. Magnetization and Magnetic Intensity 
4.  Magnetic Properties of Materials 
5. Hysteresis 
6. Permanent Magnet and Electromagnet
7. Magnetic Shielding

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