Electrostatics Mcqs Physics Mhtcet 2022 Examination

Multiple Choice Question of Electrostatics 12th Physics for Mhtcet examination 2021.The pdf given below includes only multiple choice questions based on given syllabus for mhtcet 2021 examination. These mcqs are collected from past year papers of Mhtcet, Neet, Jee and other entrance exam.

Electrostatics Mcqs Physics Mhtcet 2021 Examination

Electrostatics Subtopics for Mhtcet 2021

1.Application of Gauss' law 
2. Electric Potential and Potential Energy 
3. Electric Potential due to a Point Charge, a Dipole and a System of Charges 
4. Equipotential Surfaces 86 Electrical Energy of Two Point Charges and of a Dipole in an Electrostatic Conductors and Insulators, Free Charges and Bound Charges Inside a Conductor 
6. Dielectrics and Electric Polarisation.
7. Capacitors and Capacitance, Combination of Capacitors in Series and Parallel 
8. Capacitance of a Parallel Plate Capacitor Without and With Dielectric Medium Between the Plates  9. Displacement Current 
10. Energy Stored in a Capacitor
11.Van de Graaff Generator 

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