AC Circuit (Alternate Current) Mcqs Mhtcet 2023

Multiple Choice Question of AC Circuit (Alternate Current)  12th Physics for Mhtcet examination 2023.The pdf given below includes only multiple choice questions based on given syllabus for Mhtcet 2023 examination. These Mcqs are collected from past year papers of Mhtcet, Neet, Jee and other entrance exam.


Ac Alternate current Mcqs Mht-cet

Ac Circuit Subtopics Mhtcet 

AC Generator 
Average and RMS values 
Different types of AC circuits
Power in AC circuit 
LC Oscillations 
Electric Resonance 
Sharpness of Resonance: Q-factor 
Choke coil

Notes for AC Circuit : 

If power factor is loss Is rising, the is in the form also smaller. u inductor and capacitor when current is of magnetic potential energy. la 1.C.R. series 4.C. circuit, the phase angle between potential difference across L and potential difference across C is rad. Average value of sin' on over complete cycle is Power factor of purely resistive circuit is unity. At resonance frequency, current is not exactly zero because the inductor has finite resistance. Pure capacitor does not allow direct current and pure inductance have no effect on direct current. For series LCR circuit, the condition for the maximum current is called resonance. In parallel resonance, there is no current at resonance. 10, Series resonant circuit is called acceptor circuit as its impedance is minimum at resonance and current is very large. That is, it readily accepts the current. " Parallel resonant circuit is called rejector circuit as its impedance is maximum and current is minimum at resonance. It rejects the current. This is also called as tank circuit as the energy oscillates between the inductance and capacitance.

Download the Mcqs of AC Circuits from the link given below. 


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